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Commercial Vehicle Specialists at John Canham & Son

Lorries big and small require professional servicing and maintenance, along with occasional repairs. John Canham & Son provide extensive repairs and servicing for commercial vehicles, including HGVs and trucks thanks to our dedicated team of HGV and van technicians who specialise in this domain.


Services we offer

Heavy Goods Vehicle Repairs & Servicing

The need to keep lorries working at top performance and peak efficiency is driven by their constant use on our roads and motorways. Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) require plenty of quality repairs and frequent servicing, which is why John Canham & Son employs qualified and professional technicians trained to work with HGVs and other lorries carrying over 3.5 tonnes in weight.

Light Goods Vehicle Repairs & Servicing

Smaller commercial trucks carrying less than 3.5 tonnes, formerly (and still often today) called light goods vehicles (LGVs) likewise require frequent servicing and professional repairs in order to remain safe, roadworthy, and to operate efficiently day in and day out.

The friendly automotive technicians at John Canham & Son are equipped with decades of experience, knowledge, and the right tools to work with your commercial vehicle or fleet of vehicles.


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